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Learn to sell your Wyoming product or service with a website or other web tool like Facebook, eBay, and so forth.  We also offer free website analysis and SEO advice.



What you can do with eCommerce

Most of us have bought at or other online stores.  We find products, add them to a shopping cart, then pay with a credit card.  Your Wyoming small business can learn to do the same thing with our help.  It takes work and knowledge, but we are here for you.


Beyond a website, there are other options for doing business on the web.  Facebook allows selling from your business (fan) page.  eBay is an option and there are others.


There is nothing magic about selling online and the same basic principles of business apply as in a physical store.  Let us help you with market research, strategic planning, financial projections, and advertising wisely, to avoid wasted dollars.


If you already have a website or soon will, we can help you optimize it, also known as search engine optimization (SEO).


Ready for help?

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Directly contact the eCommerce Specialist below if:

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eCommerce Web Consulting:

Jim Drever
Regional Director, Wyoming SBDC Network
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