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Hire an Intern or Student Employee

It’s Great For Both Your Business and the Student


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Think about hiring capable, skilled, workers in areas your business needs.
Consider hiring for the longevity and succession of your business now. 
Let us help you strategize regarding using an intern in your business!


What is an Internship?

An internship is any carefully monitored work or service experience in which a student has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he/she is learning throughout the experience, and promotes academic, career, and personal development.

  • A typical duration of three to nine months
  • The majority of internships are summer or semester long
  • A part-time or full-time commitment
  • Paid opportunities focus
  • Academic credit may be earned


Importance of Internship Programs

Benefits for Employers

  • An internship program is an inexpensive recruiting tool and an opportunity to train future employees. The opportunity to evaluate prospective employees while they are working for the organization can reduce significant costs in finding new talent.
  • Interns bring current technology and ideas from the classroom to the workplace and therefore increase an organization’s intellectual capital.
  • An internship program can supply an easily accessible source of highly motivated upcoming professionals.
  • Interns provide an opportunity for mid-level staff to manage and freedom for professional staff to pursue more creative projects.
  • Interns do not require a long-term employer commitment.


Five-Steps to Developing a Quality Internship Program Step

1: Set Goals and Policies for the Internship Program 

2: Write a Plan for the Internship Opportunity 

3: Recruit a Qualified Intern 

4: Manage the Intern 

5: Conduct Exit Interviews and Follow-up


Does an intern or student worker sound like something that might work in your business?  Then learn more by downloading the complete Employer’s Internship Briefcase for more information on setting up and internship program at your business.


Once you are ready to start, the University of Wyoming offers a one-stop hiring portal called Handshake.  Employers can register here.

Helpful videos to help employers get started are here.