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Website Review and Analysis Services, eCommerce and Social Media Marketing


Web Optimization Reports

SEO_guy.jpgIn today’s business world nearly every business needs to have a functioning, efficient and usable website.  There are many ways to create a website, but understanding how well your site works can be difficult.  The Wyoming SBDC Network can assist you with a complete analysis of your website, telling you in straight-forward, non-tech terms what works and why, and where you can improve your site.  Ask for a website analysis by contacting any one of our regional offices. 


Find a Great Web Developer

In addition to website optimization reports, our market research specialists has also prepared a “Guide to Finding a Web Developer”.  This article tells you what to look for and what questions to ask when looking for someone to design your website.



What you can do with Website Review and Analysis Services

Do you have a website, but nobody ever looks at it?  Do people refuse to buy from your on-line store?  Do customers complain that your site doesn’t work?  These and other problems can be addressed by correcting common web design errors. 

We will provide you with an in depth analysis of  your website, suggest how to work with your developer to correct issues and let you know ways to make your web experience work more smoothly, building profits and recognition for your business.

How happy are you with your web developer?  If you are having questions or concerns, it can be difficult to know the questions to ask, and to understand if you are getting reasonable answers.  Our guide to “Finding a Web Developer”, provided above will help.  Combined with a web optimization report, it gives you the tools you need to work with your web developer to create the best possible website.

eCommerce Advice

Looking for assistance with eCommerce?  We have experts that can help you decide if selling on the internet is for you and guide you through selecting software and implementing a workable solution.

Social Media 

In today's world, Social Media is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers.  Need help getting started or evaluating your current efforts?  We can help.


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