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Responding to Federal Contracting Solicitations

May 15th 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Are you interested in increasing your chances of winning a federal contract?


The U.S. government spends a lot of money, and for fiscal year 2017, according to, the U.S. federal government committed $507 billion in contracts for goods, services, research, and development. That's approximately 13% of the total Fiscal Year 2017 federal budget of $3.98 trillion.  During this same year, over sixty percent of federal contracts were competitively awarded.


So, why is it that some businesses are awarded opportunities and others are not? Submitting a quality response to a solicitation or request for proposal is critical to winning a government contract. The Wyoming Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) has extensive experience in assisting small businesses prepare successful proposals and this webinar will provide attendees with valuable tools and information.


Join this no-cost webinar to learn step-by-step how to decipher a solicitation or request-for-proposal and submit a quality response the first time. 


No cost

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For those that are unable to attend ‘live” at that time, the program will be recorded and registered attendees will receive a link to the recorded session.