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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What does the Wyoming SBDC Network stand for and what do they do?


The Wyoming SBDC Network stands for the Wyoming Small Business Development Center and provides Wyoming small business owners with one-on-one advising and classes and a network of resources to help businesses grow and succeed. 


The Wyoming SBDC Network is comprised of the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) who helps companies secure government contracts, the Wyoming SBIR/STTR Initiative (WSSI) who helps Wyoming small businesses and individuals access federal funding opportunities and the Market Research Center (MRC) who provides clients market research data. 




How do you help?


We connect Wyoming entrepreneurs with our expert advisors specializing in marketing, international trade, finance, selling to the government, management and a host of other specialties to help your business grow and succeed. 



  • The Business Success Cycle Tool page contains links to free resources to help your business at any stage of the business life cycle. 
  • The Expert Advisors page has bios, specialties, and contact information for the Wyoming SBDC advisors.
  • Visit the PTAC main page to learn how the Procurement Technical Assistance Center helps businesses sell to the government.
  • Visit the WSSI home page to learn how the Wyoming SBIR/STTR Initiative assists all qualified Wyoming small businesses and individuals in accessing the funding opportunities provided by the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs; over $2 billion annually.
  • Our classes page has a library of webinars, presentations, and classes to help small businesses.
  • Read out blog for advice from our expert advisors on all aspects of starting and growing your business.


How many offices do you have?


We have eight offices around the state, with advisors covering all counties in Wyoming. To find your nearest office, please click here.




Are you connected with the Wyoming Business Council?


Yes, we receive funding from the Wyoming Business Council, federal funds from the Small Business Administration, with additional support from the University of Wyoming.  Our partnership with the Wyoming Business Council and the Small Business Administration allow us to provide you with access to a number of federal and state programs to help your business succeed.  We also collaborate and coordinate with the Business Council regional directors on a variety of projects and initiatives.



  • The Business Resource Network provides a list of all the government and non-profit partners around the state who assist Wyoming businesses. 
  • To find your nearest Wyoming Business Council Regional Director, click here.
  • The Wyoming SBA District Office page, located in Casper Wyoming, has a page with contact info, guides, and a calendar of events. 


I want to start my own business, where do I begin?  


Our Business Success Cycle Tool is the best place to start.  The tool provides you with resources and documents to help your business from concept to startup.  Another page to visit is our classes and events page, here you’ll find free or reduced price classes and webinars that will give you a good understanding of what it takes to start a business.  You may also visit with your nearest SBDC advisor who will walk you through the registration process and guide you through the startup process. 




I already own a business, how can the SBDC help me?


As you look towards the growth phase of your business, the SBDC has programs and services designed to help growth companies who are looking to expand their market.   Contact your nearest SBDC advisor to schedule an appointment or visit the Business Success Cycle Tool Page for additional resources. 



 My business is in trouble, can a SBDC advisor help me?


If you are looking to recover, reinvent, or exit, the Wyoming SBDC has resources to help your business.  Contact your nearest SBDC advisor to schedule an appointment or visit the Business Success Cycle Tool Page for additional resources. 



  • Visit our blog for advice from our expert advisors on how to reinvent your business or plan for transitioning your business.
  • Get to know our expert advisors and learn how they have helped struggling businesses or helped entreprenuers plan their exit strategy.
  • Visit the Classes and Events page for upcoming events on how to reinvent your business. 


I’m thinking of selling my business, can a SBDC advisor help me?


The Wyoming SBDC can help you determine what a fair price is for the business and negotiate accordingly.