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Take advantage of the Wyoming SBDC Network free Business Plan Review Service.  First, download the Business Plan Outline and Instructions and  the Budgets and Financial Spreadsheet Templates below.  Once you have completed as much of the business plan as you can, e-mail the plan to Cindy Unger, our business planning specialist, for assistance.  Cindy will review your plan; identify any missing information; add research; check for readability, grammar, and punctuation; help with financial projections; and verify the figures on your financial spreadsheets.  She will work with you to create the best product possible.


For Most Start-up and Expanding Businesses


Pitching to Investors – Online Template          

Pitch Then Plan – Online template creates a 10-slide Power Point slide presentation, oriented towards investors and a business plan that can be downloaded in word processing format.  To use this free tool, first Choose your county from the list below, then follow the on-line instructions.


About Business Planning . . . 

The business plan is a written summary of what you hope to accomplish with your business and how you intend to utilize your resources to meet your goals.  First and foremost, the business plan must convince YOU that the business will be successful. The plan is the “roadmap” for operating your business, measuring progress, and determining when and how to expand.  Ultimately, your business plan must demonstrate that your business concept will generate enough sales to make a satisfactory profit, thus making the business worthwhile for you to start or expand and of interest to potential financial backers.


Business plans are not just for start-up businesses.  Companies at all stages of development create business plans to initiate special projects, introduce a new product, finance general expansion, strategize mergers or acquisitions, and improve overall financial and managerial performance.  Not only will the plan serve as your “sales tool” to potential financiers and investors, a written plan can also function to introduce your business to potential key employees, accountants, attorneys, or suppliers - outside individuals involved with the operation of your business.  Use your business plan to build your credibility.


No doubt you have a great business idea and many notes and numbers scratched down on several sheets of paper and restaurant napkins!  Get started today.  Download the Wyoming SBDC Network comprehensive Business Plan Outline and Instructions and Budget and Financial Spreadsheet Templates to organize all of your thoughts into a single document that will help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of the real possibilities for your business.


This may be the first and only business plan you will ever write.  Take advantage of our expertise, having reviewed hundreds of plans, and contact us for assistance.


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