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Financial Health Check-Up 


Financial_Analysis.jpgWe all know we need to look after our physical health, but often times we simply don’t take the time to do it until it’s too late.  The same is true about our businesses.  We are so busy running our business that we don’t take the time to take care of our business.  Our no-cost, SMALL BUSINESS FINANCIAL HEALTH CHECK-UP can make this task a bit easier.



What you can do with a Financial Health Check-up

The “Check-up” consists of both a computer and manual review of your historical financial data that will compare your most recent information to prior years as well as to other businesses within your industry. 

The result will be an easy-to-understand narrative report that you can review on your own or with the assistance of an SBDC consultant.  The program also allows for doing some forecasting or “what if” scenarios where appropriate. 

The end result will be to point out potential areas for improvement that ultimately puts more money in your pocket!  The analysis can also be used to strengthen a loan application or seek other sources of funding to grow and expand your Wyoming small business.


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Financial Health Checkup Consulting:

Bruce Morse
Regional Director, Wyoming SBDC Network
111 South Day St.  
Powell, Wyoming 82435

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