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Finding money for your Wyoming small business whether current or future, is a great challenge.  Please visit our funding sources page  to learn about grants, loans, venture capital, angel capital, and programs from the Wyoming Business Council and SBA.

Funding for businesses typically come from two sources: debt borrowing and equity.


Debt Borrowing

Debt borrowing consists of loans from a bank, an investor (whether venture capitalist or angel investor), from credit cards (dangerous!), or from someone you know like a family member.

The advantage using a bank is that you maintain full control of your business while using an investor may change that.  You also may keep more cash in your business.

A disadvantage is that loans take a long time to pay back and can be discouraging.


Equity Funding

Equity funding is drawing the ownership of some you have like the equity in your house, your bank account, or other investments like a 401k.

The advantage of using equity is that you do not have to go through a long and stressful application process to acquire borrowed funds, especially when you may not be approved.

The disadvantage to equity funds is that you could lost something valuable in your life that has likely taken a long time to accumulate.


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