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Custom Market Research Services from Wyoming SBDC Network


Most of the research that Wyoming SBDC Network conducts uses licensed databases and internet resources. However, sometimes a client needs specific research that is not available from 2nd party resources. In those cases, researhers can assist with the following types of original research services:


Create and Execute a Custom Survey


Wyoming SBDC Network has experts in survey design. We can assist you creating a survey that can be added to your website, mailed to your customers, or handed out to people of interest. After the survey is completed, we can assist you in analysis of the results and provide you with a report that tells you, in plain English, what the survey tells you. This tool can be used for customer satisfaction, pricing analysis, to determine interest in a product or process, etc. For more information, contact us.


Hold Focus Panel Research Groups at Your Site


Network experts can assist you in holding focus panel research at your location. We provide the equipment, a moderator, assistance in setting up the questions, and a report and DVD of the proceedings. You provide the site, any gifts or honoraria for participants and locate the participants. Your only cost is for the research expert’s travel. For more information, see the guide below.



Other Research Design and Assistance


The development of other types of studies, such as price sensitivity analysis, consumer intercept studies and other types of research studies, is also available. In addition, once the study has been fielded, we can help in the analysis of your results. Due to time and resource constraints, the Wyoming SBDC Network staff can not undertake telephone surveys or other direct-contact surveys.


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