Wyoming SBDC Network

Market Research Center Resource Guide


The Market Research Center gives Wyoming businesses, communities and economic development agencies access to a wide and varied set of databases that address most areas of interest to businesses, no matter what stage of the business cycle the business is in.  This guide will introduce you to what is currently available and give you examples of the types of reports and data the MRC can provide. 


Business Data

     Environics Spotlight 

    • Business-Facts - Workplace Population
    • RMP Opportunity Gap - Merchandise Lines
    • RMP Opportunity Gap - Retail Stores 
    • RMP- Demand Growth by Merchandise Line Items

    • RMP- Demand Growth by Retail Store Types

     ESRI Business Analyst 

    • Business Summary
    • Business Locator
    • Retail MarketPlace Profile
    • Business Locator
    • Business Summary
    • Electronics and Internet Market Potential
    • Finances Market Potential
    • Health and Beauty Market Potential
    • Pets and Pet Products Market Potential
    • Restaurant Market Potential
    • Retail Market Potential
    • Sports and Leisure Market Potential
    • Traffic Count Map




 Business Lists and Contact Information 

 Consumer Spending

     Environics Spotlight 

    • CBP - Apparel Products
    • CBP - Alcoholic Beverages
    • CBP - Category Summary
    • CBP - Consumer Spending Patterns
    • CBP - Entertainment
    • CBP - Expenses, Contributions and Insurance
    • CBP - Food
    • CBP - Healthcare
    • CBP - Housing
    • CBP - Non-Current Consumption
    • CBP - Personal Care Products and Services
    • CBP - Reading, Education, Tobacco and Smoking Products
    • CBP - Retail Store Types
    • CBP - Transportation
    • CBP - Yellow Page Headings

      ESRI Business Analyst 

    • Automotive Aftermarket Expenditures
    • Financial Expenditures
    • House and Home Expenditures
    • Household Budget Expenditures
    • Medical Expenditures
    • Recreation Expenditures
    • Retail Goods and Services Expenditures


Construction Project Data

CMD ConstructConnect Insight



      Environics Spotlight 

    • Pop-Facts - Executive Summary
    • Pop-Facts Census Demographic Overview

    • Pop-Facts Demographic Quick Facts
    • Pop-Facts Demographic Snapshot
    • Pop-Facts Demographics by Age Race Sex
    • Pop-Facts Demographics Trend - Demographic Trend
    • Pop-Facts Demographics Trend – Household Trend
    • Pop-Facts Demographics Trend - Pop by Age and Sex
    • Pop-Facts Effective Buying Income
    • Pop-Facts Household Income - Age of Householder by Income
    • Pop-Facts Household Income - Income by Age of Householder
    • Pop-Facts Household Quick Facts
    • Pop-Facts Population Quick Facts 

      ESRI Business Analyst 

    • 2010 Census Profile
    • ACS Housing Summary
    • ACS Population Summary
    • Age 50+ Profile
    • Age by Sex by Race Profile
    • Age by Sex Profile
    • Community Profile
    • Demographic and Income Comparison Profile
    • Demographic and Income Profile
    • Detailed Age Profile
    • Disposable Income Profile
    • Executive Summary
    • Graphic Profile
    • Household Income Profile
    • Housing Profile
    • Market Profile
    • Net Worth Profile

Industry Data


    • Industry Report 
    • Product Briefing 
    • Company Profile 

Frost & Sullivan

    • Industry Report 
    • Product Briefing 
    • Trend report 

IBIS World

    • Industry Report 

The Wedding Report

    •    Industry Report sample

Industry Financials 


    • Industry Financial Report
    • BizBenchmarket
    • Micro Profit and Loss
    • Industry Market
    • Competitive Market Analyzer

International Trade 


    • Global Industry report
    • Country Industry report
    • Global Trend report

IBIS World

    • Global Industry report


Wiser Trade

    • Export report example
    • Total Export by Region report example
    • Import report example
    • Export map example
    • Export chart example

Mapping (GIS)

ESRI Business Analyst 


     Environics Spotlight 

    • PRIZM Premier Household Distribution
    • PRIZM Premier Lifestage Group Distribution
    • PRIZM Premier Social Group Distribution
    • PRIZM Premier Workplace Distribution
    • PRIZM Premier Sample Segment Report

      Claritas My Best Segments

Separate service that allows us to append Prizm Premier data to a client’s customer list so that we can profile their customers.

     ESRI Tapestry

    • Tapestry Area Profile
    • Tapestry Sample Segment Report