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Success Stories: Bob’s Zombie Bait Shop


Fotolia_47956947_XS-confused-zombie-with-can--libyphhoto---Fotolia-dot-com.gifBob “Nightcrawler” Wormly has operated for years one of the most popular bait shops along the “miracle mile”  near Casper.  Unfortunately, his business is extremely seasonal and Bob really wanted to come up with a way to make his business a year round success.   


He contacted Cindy Unger of the Small Business Development Center.  Having  just been attacked by zombies the previous week, Cindy immediately thought that Bob might have a possible business in providing zombie bait to keep the pesty critters away from living rooms  and restaurants. 


Fotolia_51653998_L-worms-in-hands--wawritto---Fotolia-dot-com.gifWith a little experimentation, Bob came up with his patented “Bob’s Zombie Bait”, which is guaranteed to attract zombies even more than a screaming film actress.  


Now Bob can’t make the stuff fast enough, and is thinking of expanding.  He is also working with Brett Housholder of the Wyoming PTAC to sell his zombie bait to the US Army and Marine Corps, both of which have expressed strong interest.


All of this means that now Bob can take time during the summer to actually fish for fun.  We’re sure that he always has a can of his Zombie Bait in the cooler (just in case)!