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Success Stories: Karl's Sharp Things


Fotolia_51357279_XS-blacksmith--operafotografica---Fotolia.gifKarl “Axeman”  Moordenaar, of Moordernaar’s Sharp Things, has been making custom axes, hatchets and other chopping instruments in his smithy in tiny Hachette Wyoming for the past 175 years.  In the past few years, with the increased incidence of concealed carry and a well-armed citizenry in Wyoming, his business had been dropping off. 


Karl came to the Small Business Development Center and Market Research Center to search for new opportunities for his business.  What he discovered, through brainstorming sessions and market research is that the global market for monsters and monster hunters is booming.  “Just think of it”, says Karl, “I can sell axes to Zombies and hatchets to housewives.  On a good week, both sides of an epic battle can be using Karl’s Sharp Things!”


Fotolia_44533480_XS-1-made-of-steel-c-roostler---Fotolia.gifWith quality, hand-made weapons, Karl is chopping up his competition, and the future is looking bright.  Next for Karl, he plans on branching out into Silver-Plated weapons for use against werewolves and he has special, garlic-enhanced steel in development that will allow clients to be effective against vampires.