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Success Stories: Menkaura’s Mummy Wraps



Menkaura, whose previous work experience included serving as a pharaoh in the Fourth Dynasty in Egypt, thought he was the only mummy who really hated how dusty and dirty his bandages had gotten over the past 4,500 years.   As for fire….ouch!  One day he shambled into Jim Drever’s office at the SBDC and, once Jim climbed down from his desk, he explained his idea.  With support from the Market Research Center, Menkaura was able to determine  that there are a huge number of mummies out there.   A quick survey discovered that the reason so many of them are cranky is that they also really hate being dirty and crumbling and catching on fire. 


Fotolia_12369226_XS-mummy-wrapping--pzAxe---Fotolia-dot-com.gifA business was born!  With Wyoming’s dry climate, Menkaura’s Mummy Wraps is ideally situated to serve a global clientele.  They provide clean, dry and neat wrappings made from a variety of custom fabrics, including fire resistant choices.  Services are provided by professionally trained mummyists in sanitary conditions in the beautiful mountains of Southeast Wyoming.    As a pleased client was heard to say, “MMMRRRGGHH!”Fotolia_12369229_L-clean-mummy-w-sign--pzAxe---Fotolia-dot-com.gif