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Profit Mastery, an Introduction for Bankers


Morning Session (in person or virtual using GoToWebinar)

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”  And when you don’t know where you are, it’s difficult to chart a future course.  As bankers, you have heard this many times.  This presentation is an example of how the Profit Mastery program can take your loan customers beyond the basics of financial statement analysis in a sophisticated, plain English, enjoyable, decision-relevant format.  We believe that if you see the power of this delivery format, you will see the value for your customers and refer them to us for this training.  The person that developed this program, Steve LeFever, is a former banker and used to require his customers to go through this process, and he had much better business customers as a result.


Please join us for this insightful presentation that we are sure will be financially beneficial for your customers, and in turn your institution.


Afternoon Session (in person only,  at Little America in Cheyenne)

The Cup and the Gap:   

The P & L and the Balance Sheet are such powerful story-telling and planning tools to become profitable, and “grow” smart.  The P & L and Balance Sheet “link” to form the most sophisticated yet easy-to-use integrated tools to concurrently focus on both profit and cash flow drivers using traditional financial concepts of break-even analysis and financial gap.

By combining a case study format with a distinctive visual model, attendees will gain an enhanced ability to manage the key “drivers” of profitability and cash flow. We will stress the dual benefits of using the income statement and balance sheet as strategic-planning tools and as operating management tools.



rod-bristol-cfe.jpgRod Bristol is Vice President of Business Development for Profit Mastery, headquartered in Seattle, WA. He was part of the development team that created Profit Mastery University financial education curriculum.  From 1984 to 2007, prior to joining BRS, Rod owned Sudden Printing, the largest independent quick printing company in the state of Washington.  Rod has a BA from the University of Washington, studies towards a Masters in Christian Ministry, and has participated in and taught numerous professional development programs in his 30-year business career.


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