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Second Life and Wyoming Entrepreneur


Classroom_Sign__Bronco.jpgWyoming Entrepreneur, Small Business Development Center began a Second Life project in 2008, to support its mission of educating entrepreneurs in Wyoming.  Our facility features some of Wyoming's most famous landmarks like Old Faithful Geyser, Old Faithful Inn, Devils Tower, the Green River, Teton Mountains, and, technologically advanced classrooms and teaching/communication tools.

Wyoming entrepreneurs may meet with a business counselor to learn about real life business in Wyoming: starting a business, market research, eCommerce, QuickBooks training and consulting, and many others.  Register to meet with a consultant at the bottom of this page.

Is Second Life an Online Game?

While there are many places to play games on the web, and Second Life looks like one of them, it anything but a game.  What it is, is a powerful communication and collaboration tool, now being used by the University of Wyoming (and over 1,500 other organizations around the world).  Thankfully, it does not require gasoline to use this environment and dangerous Wyoming winter roads are non-existent.  But there are other reasons to consider outreach using this tool.




What you can do with Second Life

While driving an avatar around may seem foreign to some, it is common life to many in Gen-X, net Gen and provides a powerful way to hold meetings, trainings, classes, one-on-one collaboration, develop social communities, and many other activities that help us get our work done.


Wyoming small businesses may also consider posting their products for sell there to an international audience, using the environment in tandem with a traditional website.


Looking to Train Internal Staff using Second Life?

Click HERE to download my guide for Internal Staff Orientation with Second Life.


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