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Success Stories: Turner Fine Art



Kathryn Turner is a talented, up-and-coming Jackson Hole painter who works in all media and has been in business since 2000. Her relationship with Wyoming Entrepreneur programs started when she heard a nationally known artist was giving a watercolor portrait clinic. Kathryn’s SBDC advisor suggested she apply for a Wyoming Workforce Development Training grant and helped Kathryn complete the paperwork to do so.   After taking the class, watercolor portraits have been a mainstay of Kathryn’s business.


While it can be particularly difficult for an artist to manage the business side of the company, Kathryn does it well.  Kathryn began her business using her own system for bookkeeping. Her SBDC advisor, Margie Rowell, helped Kathryn set up and use QuickBooks, customizing it specifically for her business.


Each week, Kathryn and her advisor meet for “Money Mondays” to go over finances, QuickBooks and other aspects of running a business. This established schedule, coupled with “homework” assigned by her advisor, has made a difference. After Kathryn works on the enterprise side of her business she meditates, which allows her to switch gears so she can be creative and return to painting.