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Success Story - Wyoming Authentic Products


David-Fales-with-his-wife-Kristine.gifDavid Fales has always loved Wyoming and always loved cattle! Remembering the delicious beef he ate when he was growing up, he was passionate about providing this same consistently great-tasting, nutritious beef to others. He became increasingly intrigued with the idea of launching the "Wyoming Gourmet All Natural Angus Beef" branded, specialty beef business to leverage the rich Western heritage of the state's ranching industry, while also addressing consumers' concerns about the origin, quality, and safety of their food. David's dream has now become a reality with product already being sold throughout the region.



Since 2010/2011, when David started writing his Business Plan and he conducted his Phase I/Test Market with 100 head of cattle, he has utilized the Wyoming Entrepreneur Market Research Center to gain insight into trends in his industry, competition, potential customer contacts, product mix, financial data and other key components to help complete his marketing plan.  In addition to the MRC, David also worked with the SBDC and WBC regional directors as well as Forward Cody to fine tune his plan, and to apply for Grants from the Wyoming Business Council.  In coordination with Forward Cody, the WBC grant was secured, with Wyoming Authentic Products having a long-term lease for the building.  By mid-October, 2013 Wyoming Authentic Products had opened its 6,000 square foot value-added meat processing facility in Cody, achieved USDA Plant approval from the USDA and started production of high quality “Wyoming Gourmet All Natural Angus Beef” products including All Natural Beef Jerky and Beef Sticks. The Plant will also produce pre-cut All Natural Angus Steaks, Burgers, Roasts and more for US and International distribution.


The company has raised over $2.5 million in equity funding, $1.4 million in financing for cattle purchases and equipment and a Wyoming Business Council grant of $1.22 million to help build the Cody plant – first USDA Plant in Wyoming’s history.  The company cureent has 10 full time employees, with a further two positions being considered.  Total employment when the facility is fully operational is estimated at 18 Full Time positions, with an annual payroll of $835,000.