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Success Story: Tzigane, LLC

Tzigan-vardo-drawing.gifJanny Breton realized her dream in October 2013 of purchasing a building and opening a store in Buffalo to sell repurposed furniture, vintage clothing and collectibles, plus western items. She calls her retail store “Tzigane” which means “to live or roam like a gypsy…A Bohemian Eclectic Place.”Tzigane-owner-and-potter.gif


Gypsies have always intrigued her with their music, dance
and decorated wagons. Her store reflects her mission to make available hard-to-find and unusual items. Open Tuesday through Saturday, her lively store is thriving. She purchased an existing building and refaced it with a rustic, western theme. She initially used only half the interior space, but within a few months, expanded to utilize the entire building.


Wyoming Entrepreneur SBDC assisted with the details of starting a business.  Tzigane and the real estate LLC, Sans Soucis, were financed entirely with personal funding. 


Tzigane-gypsy-dresses-from-facebook.gif Welcome-Friends-from-Facebook.giftzigane-outside.gif