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Success Story:  Fremont Frameworks

In September 2014, Jared and Annie were approached about purchasing Fremont Frameworks, the local frame shop in town. Jared and Annie spent time with the previous owner and felt that it was a viable business and were excited about the possibilities. Not being new to the world of being a small business owner, they knew they needed a strong plan before moving forward and worked with the Wyoming Entrepreneur SBDC to develop a business plan, financial projections and prepare their loan application.

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As they have continued to learn the business over the last year, they have also implemented some
strategic changes - such as consistent business hours, free-consultations, quick-project turn around, updated frame inventory, and outstanding customer service they have been able to grow the business in their first year of ownership.

Additionally, Jared and Anne continue to grow the business by creating new product offerings, like a bargain frame bin, which has allowed them to reach a local market that was not previously using their services.




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