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Rex Specs

When Tuckerman the dog was diagnosed with a chronic eye condition, his owners couldn’t find a good way to protect his eyes from further damage. So they invented one.


Alchemy promotes and sells the creations of its artist-members. In turn, the members each contribute their time to operate the cooperative’s gallery, which is located at 320 Main St. in Lander.

Chugwater Chili

Chugwater Chili was found in 1986 at Chugwater, an eastern Wyoming town of about 200 people. But over the years, the fame of Chugwater Chili’s signature seasoning has much exceeded the company’s sparsely populated location, as comments on its website from fans across the country suggest.

Fenton Energy

In a state dominated by fossil fuels, a Fremont County start-up hopes to carve out a market niche for solar energy. Fenton Energy provides solar power systems for agricultural, commercial, and residential customers. “Anything that needs to be electrified, we can put electricity to do it,” said Jim Fenton, a co-owner of the company.

FURever Friends

FURever Friends, located in the Asher Building in downtown Cheyenne, is like a full-service beauty salon for dogs. During a session, a canine’s hair might be cut and styled, followed by a sudsy bath and good teeth brushing. A dog’s nails also can be trimmed and even polished if the pet owner so desires.

Hole Bowl

After an absence of 15 years, a new public bowling alley with 21st century character has opened in Jackson.

Hub Cafe

The restaurant has been in Margaret “Babe” Lynch’s family since 1963, and for many years, Margaret operated the Moorcroft eatery. Then for a decade, the café was leased, so Margaret was no longer involved in the day-to-day operations. But that changed in April 2016, when Margaret and her daughter, Bobbi-Jo Bass, took control again.

Judy Fossum Voiceovers

From a palette of inflections and intonations, she creates moods and colorings, conveys message and meaning, for her clients throughout the country. Judy owns Judy Fossum VoiceOvers LLC of Cheyenne. She provides spoken narrations for television and radio spots, corporate and Internet presentations.

PDB Bear Pottery Art

Patty Bills started PDB Bear Pottery Art in her home near Buffalo. She focuses on pottery and watercolor and canvas paintings that feature wildlife motifs.

Davis UHB

A Fremont County inventor has started production and sales of a patented device that safeguards water hydrant pipes while at the same protecting the workers who install them.

Coffee Depot

When Crystal Shearer planned to open Coffee Depot, a coffee and food shop located in downtown Cheyenne, lenders viewed her idea with skepticism. People before her had tried similar businesses with mixed results. But Crystal was undaunted. “I always wanted to open a coffee shop. I was a barista when I was 16, and probably that was one of the best jobs I had.”

Pizza Carrello

Pizza Carrello, Gillette Success Story

Square One Systems Design

Square One Systems Design receives high-tech grant

Das Schnuffel Haus

Das Schnuffel Haus near Pine Bluffs might be likened to a well-appointed canine hotel. Ray Gamel and his wife, Uschi Erdmann-Gamel, created a unique boarding experience for dogs.

Saber Pest Control

Saber Pest Control experienced extraordinary early success. Shane opened his business in December 2016. By June 2017, he already had a client base of more than 100 customers and had exceeded his annual goals for both revenue and customer numbers.

Glamping on the River

Now there is a camping experience in Wyoming without rough edges like rocks in sleeping bags or an absence of hot water.