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Five Exporting Tips for Wyoming Companies

Regardless of the news on trade agreement negotiations, international trade continues to present opportunities for Wyoming small business. In support of international trade, the state of Wyoming established an Asia-Pacific trade office in Taipei, Taiwan in 2018. This...

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Spruce Up Your Retail Space

School is back in session and fall is officially here, so why not take some time to spruce up your retail space before the holiday season arrives? Spruce Up Your Exterior Start outside, and look at your business the way customers do. Your windows and window displays...

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Mapping Your Retail Space

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to open a real, brick and mortar retail store! The main advantage of an independently-owned store over online shopping is the opportunity to really connect with customers and give them a chance to touch and try actual...

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Make Sure Your Next Hire is the Right Fit

Making sure someone is the right fit and will stick around for a long time are the two main goals small business owners usually have when hiring employees. To make sure your next hire is the right fit, you need to know the correct questions to ask during the...

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Building an Online Community

In our current age of rapid information and automation, it is easy to forget how we used to communicate with our community. As a business owner, understanding the difference between building an online audience and building an online community is an important...

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Should Your Small Business Have a Blog?

There are many benefits to writing frequent blog posts — as long as the topics are relevant to your business. The simple answer to whether your small business should have a blog is “Yes, if you have a website.” Of course, every small business owner should have a...

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What is the Gig Economy?

In a gig economy, companies hire independent contractors and freelancers to complete temporary, flexible jobs, as opposed to full-time employees. One result of these shifts is the proliferation of small entrepreneurs that require little or no capital to start-up. To...

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Economic Gardening for Growing Businesses

In recent months a lot of effort has gone into renewing the vision for economic growth in Wyoming. One component of the plans by the Governor and the Wyoming Business Council recognizes that entrepreneurs drive economies. A challenge has always been how to provide...

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Let’s Talk About Billboards

Billboard advertising can be very effective if it’s the right fit for your business and if it has been designed to be viewed by users traveling at high speeds. Because the billboard spot itself can be pricey, small businesses often can’t afford to also have a...

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