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What is SIM Swapping?

SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) swapping is a major cell phone industry-wide problem and is growing. Simply, a criminal calls a wireless company claiming to be the owner of your number and that they have purchased a new cell phone. They ask the company to activate...

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Creating Marketing Personas

You have a product or service to sell and you’ve identified your target audience, but now you need to create an effective message that leads to sales. Marketing personas are composite sketches of a key customer segment of your audience, according to the Content...

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New Overtime Pay Rules for 2019

If your business has exempt employees (employees who do not have to be paid overtime), then you should pay attention to new proposed rules issued last month by the Department of Labor (DOL). The proposed rules will raise the minimum salary level used to determine...

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Reaching Your Target Market

When you don't know exactly who would be interested in your product or service or you don't know exactly what to say to them, you are either marketing inefficiently or losing out on sales! Being clear on your target markets and knowing what to say to each one allows...

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From Ideation to Commercialization

Do you have an environmental, medical, robotic, distributed ledger, cybersecurity, educational, manufacturing, space or Internet of Things innovation? These are just some of the 24 broad topics to choose from at the National Science Foundation (NSF). The good news is...

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Becoming Contract Ready

The United States Air Force has begun the process of replacing the Minuteman III missile system and this could be a big opportunity for small business in Wyoming. Much of the work should be administered from the F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, WY. A project of...

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How to Create a Website

Websites are a vital piece of any marketing strategy, but most entrepreneurs struggle with how to get started creating theirs. To help you get started we've created this handy checklist to guide you through the process. Do your homework: this is the step that most...

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Every Business Owner’s Top Two Priorities

There are a number of things that small business owners have to be concerned about these days; cybersecurity, social media marketing, finding employees, competing with the big box stores and the list goes on. It can seem a bit overwhelming for sure. While these things...

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Small Business Networking

Operating a small business in Wyoming can seem like a lonely proposition. Sometimes you feel like there is nowhere to turn and you are the only one facing the problems of ownership. This struggle is even greater for businesses that are looking to expand their market...

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Yes, New Employee Onboarding is Really Important

New hire onboarding and employee orientation sets the stage of a new employee’s perception of your business and culture, and perhaps more importantly, clearly establishes the businesses expectations of the employee. I recently heard stories from new employees at two...

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