Fully utilizing the SBA’s Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) website to locate subcontractors and a “how to” create your own profile.


There was a recently published blog post discussing the use of SBA’s Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) website for government marketing purposes. Well, this same website can be used to locate potential subcontractors or even your competitors. The site can be found at the following, http://dsbs.sba.gov/. When using the DSBS, there are many options available to assist in conducting specific searches and narrow down the results to list only those pertaining to specific needs. These needs may include: location of business, government certifications, ownership and self-certifications, specific nature of the business, specific profile details and business capabilities or differentiators.

The search results are presented randomly in a table format. This includes the name of the firm, contact name, address and a capabilities narrative, which was also explained in last week’s business tip. Upon finding firms of your interest, by clicking the business name the full SBA profile with all their information will be displayed. This complete profile contains not only pertinent business information, but also background information, NAICS codes, DUNS number, CAGE Code, SAM status, products or services offered and references to previous performance history. Don’t have time to review all the information at the exact moment? The table can easily be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet and saved for later use and customization.

The DSBS website is not only for subcontractors, but for any business that is registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) website, and are prepared to work for the government. For this reason, the site can be used to locate competitors.

Now, to create your own profile on DSBS, click the “SBA profile” link at the end of your SAM registration and you’ll be directed to your unique profile for customization. Some information is pre-populated and pulled directly from your SAM registration, so be sure to keep your information current.

When creating your own profile, accuracy and completeness are key, especially to avoid missing opportunities. Ensure your keywords listed directly correlate with and describe your NAICS codes. Highlight certifications held pertaining to your firm’s industry. Use the capabilities narrative as a business marketing summary and list access to special equipment if necessary. And finally, under performance history, at least one to three references should be provided for proof of successful project completion.

Not only is the SBA website a great tool for locating subcontractors, but it’s handy when searching for and sizing yourself up against competitors. And don’t forget to put your business on the list too!

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